23 03, 2021

What is Energy Medicine?


For twenty years, now, in less publicized locations a dozen high tech instruments have been actively restoring clients to vital health and dramatically strengthening their immune systems. And this healing is achieved effortlessly, in pleasant, comfortable surroundings, in complete privacy. Energy Medicine is the scientific discovery that understands the human body is an energy [...]

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23 03, 2021

Chemical Exposure Is One Reason for a Detox


Studies done over the past five years by the U.S. Geological Survey and by environmental agencies in Europe have detected increasing levels of synthetic chemicals in rivers, streams, lakes, and other bodies of water throughout the industrialized world. These chemicals include pharmaceutical drugs, especially Prozac and Ritalin, along with a wide range of chemicals [...]

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4 03, 2021

15 Tips for Balanced Nutritional Meals


It is important to increase the proportion of raw food in your diet to a minimum of 80% by weight. The rest of your diet should be carefully selected and optimally prepared to be of minimal challenge to your body. The following are some guidelines: Breakfast ideas: Juice one lemon in 16 ounces of [...]

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4 03, 2021

What helps us live longer?


What helps us live longer? By Andy Roman, LMHC,MS,RN There are seven noteworthy subcultures or communities where not only is the average lifespan significantly longer than in other parts of the world, but where more individuals live into old age than other places. Let’s see what they do right. We will focus on four. [...]

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19 02, 2021

The Benefits of Fasting


Throughout human history, fasting has been recognized in numerous cultures as an important practice for eliminating toxins from the body. Many historical figures in the Bible regularly fasted. In more recent times, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Theresa were among those who engaged in this healing practice. Two schools of thought have [...]

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19 02, 2021

Vitality and Long Living


It is not odd these days to see lethargic 20-year-olds drooping over tables at a fast food restaurant ‒ while watching a 90-year-old dance is a rare sight. Having had the gift of working with more than a quarter million people over the last half century, I have employed the vitality measurement as much [...]

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19 02, 2021

Boost your immunity with Integrated Modalities and Enzyme-Rich Raw Vegan Food


At the University of Clinical Chemistry in Switzerland, Dr. Kouchakoff performed 300 experiments on the relationship between white cell counts and cooked versus raw food, and the findings we indisputable! He established that there was a pathological response of the human body to any food altered by high temperatures. He further observed that prepared [...]

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