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18 02, 2021

Brain-boosting exercises


Writer: Dr. Michelle Braun The best “brain-boosting” activities are captured by the acronym “SAVE.” They are: • Slightly challenging. To grow the strongest neuronal connections, we must try an activity in which we are not already expert. The tasks you choose should be slightly above your current abilities, but not so difficult that they are [...]

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18 02, 2021

You can’t outrun your microbes: how exercise affects your gut


Your Content Goes Here Writer: Dr. William B. Miller Jr. Prebiotic and probiotic supplements can help when you push yourself too far. Millions of Americans are serious about fitness because of its benefits. It is well established that consistent exercise promotes long-term health by lowering blood pressure, improving glucose tolerance, and assisting in weight management. [...]

You can’t outrun your microbes: how exercise affects your gut2021-02-18T20:44:22+00:00
18 02, 2021

Diet and exercise are not enough


Use your brain to drop the pounds. Story: James Keck Most weight-loss plans are complicated, expensive, and especially frustrating because even if we do manage to lose a few pounds, they usually come right back. However, losing weight does not have to be such a struggle. Nobody should have to struggle to take control [...]

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26 12, 2020

Aromatherapy may be a missing ‘ingredient’ for the mind


Aromatherapy’s main claim to fame is that it calms the nerves and promotes relaxation. Also called essential oil therapy, aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants, including flowers, herbs and trees, to promote health and well-being in a number of ways. Here are the three basic ways to practice aromatherapy, according to cancer.gov: Indirect inhalation – [...]

Aromatherapy may be a missing ‘ingredient’ for the mind2021-04-13T20:19:14+00:00
23 12, 2020

Manual lymphatic drainage is a versatile massage technique


What is the lymphatic system and what is it for? The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels that move fluids through our bodies. These vessels have the function of draining the excess liquid that leaves the blood and bathes the cells. This excess fluid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels and is [...]

Manual lymphatic drainage is a versatile massage technique2021-04-13T20:19:14+00:00
20 12, 2020

Despite what you may be hearing, dietary supplements do work


The majority of American adults—approximately 75 percent—take supplements. So, it’s understandable that there are questions about whether supplements are really a good investment in your health and whether they really work. In fact, some research questions whether popular vitamin and mineral supplements actually provide any health benefits at all. A study conducted by researchers [...]

Despite what you may be hearing, dietary supplements do work2021-04-13T20:19:14+00:00
17 12, 2020

What makes Hippocrates’ supplements


As far back as 1987, an international conference was conducted in Brazil on the state of the global environment. One of the most shocking reports was presented by the agricultural community. The speakers showed that in less than a century, more than 90 percent of the top soil (nutrition) had been depleted in the [...]

What makes Hippocrates’ supplements
18 11, 2020

The Four Primary Ways To Boost Your Immune System


Your immune system is what keeps you healthy and happy. A weak, inadequate immune system means a much greater risk for illnesses both serious and mild, as well as all the misery that being sick brings with it. For these reasons, maintaining a strong immune system must be a top priority for all of [...]

The Four Primary Ways To Boost Your Immune System2021-09-13T16:17:19+00:00
29 09, 2020

Be in touch with your health


Immunity Health Spa also offers massages, which in the past were mainly utilized for their relaxing, feel-good benefits. Today, however, more people in the U.S. are utilizing massages for their therapeutic benefits. Truth is, countries in the East have been practicing massages for centuries because they understood how massages help maintain health in the [...]

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