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16 09, 2020

6 Reasons You Might Need a Vitamin C Supplement


In One of the most potent treatments we offer at Immunity Health Spa is Vitamin C IV therapy. When Vitamin C is delivered intravenously, it goes directly into the bloodstream for maximum impact. Humans are one of the few animals that can't make their own vitamin C and must get this antioxidant vitamin through diet. [...]

6 Reasons You Might Need a Vitamin C Supplement2020-09-16T13:15:29+00:00
16 09, 2020

5 Warning Signs of a Weakened Immune System


While a day at the spa can be relaxing and refreshing, our main goal at Immunity Health Spa is to boost and strengthen the immune system of our clients. We offer a number of treatments to achieve this, including vitamin IV therapy, salt therapy and massage. This is especially important since we’re in the [...]

5 Warning Signs of a Weakened Immune System2020-09-16T13:08:52+00:00
16 09, 2020

7 Quick Ways to Boost Your Immune System for COVID-19


While Immunity Health Spa provides multiple treatments to boost your immune system, you have to take the health of your immune system into your own hands. Did the pandemic cause you to prioritize your health more? Chances are, the answer is yes. COVID-19 has intensified people's interest in their immune function and hygiene. If you [...]

7 Quick Ways to Boost Your Immune System for COVID-192020-09-16T13:05:35+00:00
2 09, 2020

How does your immune system benefit from salt therapy?


As we age, lung function can decrease, which leads to many health problems. Fortunately, salt carries antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help people who are suffering from COPD, smoker’s cough, asthma, emphysema and seasonal airborne allergies. Salt therapy is a 100 percent natural, safe and drug-free therapy. When you breathe in microscopic salt [...]

How does your immune system benefit from salt therapy?2020-09-02T17:43:53+00:00
2 09, 2020

How does IV therapy boost your immune system?


You’ve heard it your entire life. If you want a healthy immune system, you need to stop by your local pharmacy or drug store and buy supplements. That’s not bad advice, but unfortunately 99 percent of supplements on the market today are poor quality and can cause negative effects to the body. Even the [...]

How does IV therapy boost your immune system?2020-09-02T17:32:22+00:00
26 08, 2020

Immunity! Immunity! Immunity!


Every so often they add new words to the dictionary, which come from the current culture’s fascination with lifestyle and technology. At times old words become viable again, like in the case of permaculture. The term immunity has been around for centuries, but its return performance on a global scale requires revisiting its true [...]

Immunity! Immunity! Immunity!2020-08-27T13:28:51+00:00
26 08, 2020

Emotions do affect our immunity: Optimism Pays


We are constantly protected from invaders like bacteria, virus, fungi, and toxins, by our immune system. But can our thoughts and emotions affect our immune warriors? Yes.A group of Harvard University scientists, for example, found that in healthy people, simply recalling an angry experience from their past caused a six-hour dip in levels of the [...]

Emotions do affect our immunity: Optimism Pays2020-08-27T13:30:07+00:00
24 08, 2020

A gentle touch with powerful results


In the past, massages were mainly utilized for their relaxing, feel-good benefits. Today, however, more people in the U.S. are utilizing massages for their therapeutic benefits. Truth is, countries in the East have been practicing massages for centuries because they understood how massages help maintain health in the body. Most people already know how [...]

A gentle touch with powerful results2020-09-14T19:09:29+00:00